What is Best Bibles all about?

The Bible is the best selling book of all time. Many sources show USA Bible sales at 20 million a year with 168,000 Bibles sold or given away each day.

So you have come to my site and maybe you are here as a new Christian, a student, a long time Christian or church goer. Maybe you want to go through the Bible for the first time, or perhaps you are just looking for a new version to read. Are you looking for accuracy and the best Bible that is close to the original texts?

Are you asking questions like, “Which Bible should I choose? Should I buy used, online, or from the book store? What translation out of the many thousands of English versions is going to best suite my needs? Which Bible has study tools, notes, commentary, Greek and Hebrew word study, etc?”

“What should I get???”

If you are asking these questions, then you are not alone.

I hope to help you.

I want to give you my guidance in choosing the best Bible for your needs, while giving you peace of mind that you are reading the most accurate and accountable version you can. This site is all about helping you understand your Bible, why it is trustworthy and has been for thousands of years, and why you should read it.

Who I am

My name is Roger Hayes and I have studied the Bible my whole life for personal, academic, and occupational fulfillment. I am an ordained minister and I have a bachelors in History from the University of Akron, OH focusing in the ancient Greco-Roman era. I also have a Masters of Divinity from Ashland Theological Seminary, a well established and accredited university in Ohio, where I studied Hebrew, Greek, and Exegetical methods among many other biblical, theological, and ministry related fields. I have been a pastor and church planter of 3 churches and in 3 states. I read and study the Hebrew and the Greek, alongside my English texts, as extensions from my seminary education.  I love to preach and teach the Word and use the gifts which the Lord has graciously poured out. My goal in biblical study is in this instruction of Paul to Timothy, “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15

Why I want to help

Over the years many people have asked me to provide them with a better understanding of what Bible they should buy and read for their needs. This site is a place to address that question. It is also my desire to educate you on many biblical and theological understandings. The posts on this site are many faceted. I will provide you with my personal preferences on the best English Bible translations. To do this I will explain word for word versus thought for thought translations. The differences between commentary in study Bibles and the theological opinions from authors whose comments and study notes seem to follow a more Calvinist or Armenian perspective. I will also do my best to sift through a lot of the modern changes in some translations. In addition, I will provide my Best Bible picks. Here you can simply click on my recommendations and purchase when you are ready to make a decision. It is also my goal to provide teaching and insight on the accuracy of the Word through history, archaeology, tradition, and testimony. Really, the more people I can help bless in their biblical and theological pursuits the better. Glory to God – AMEN.

Be Aware

Warning, my bias up front. I believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God, written by men, illuminated by the Spirit, and useful for all training and life. My recommendations will error on the side of textual accuracy, sometimes at the expense of sounding more appealing to the theologically biased or modern persuasion. I.E. I prefer textual accuracy, as best as possible, to the original Greek and Hebrew accepted cannon.

I encourage you to read on and go take a look.

May the Lord bless and keep you.